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10 ways to speed up your netbook (and increase battery life).

1) Add RAM: If you’re using just 1 GB, it’s a value for money upgrade and the benefits are dramatic, especially if your hard drive has been thrashing about. Most netbooks support atleast 2GB of RAM.

2) TinyResMeter: Monitor bandwidth, RAM, CPU, and page file usage. Very useful.

3) If you are using a netbook without nVidia or ATI graphics, disable Aero, Themes.

4) Keep your HDD from thrashing: Uninstall any bloatware that gets bundled with a fresh install. Anti-virus apps are often bloated and hamper more than help, if you need a lightweight one, Microsoft Security Essentials should do, it’s free.

5) Use ReadyBoost on Windows Vista and Windows 7 with a SD card, USB stick, or hard drive. Not only does it improve performance, it will also increase battery life as your hard drive gets thrashed around less.

6) Use lightweight apps that are suited for the netbook: oldversion.com has many free apps with tiny exe files, and you can trace the code bloat, as more and more features get added over time.

7) Use Cathy to find files, it’s a lightning fast file indexing program that can replace Windows and Google Desktop search. It’s fast because it’s not thrashing through your file system in realtime looking for a file. So only files that have been indexed last show up.

Install Linux, Problem Solved: Use an OS that’s made for netbooks, I’ve used Jolicloud and liked it very much. There’s a whole bunch of them with varying degrees of difficulty and tedium.

9) Benchmarks prove it, Opera and Google Chrome are two of the fastest browsers around, best suited for netbooks.

10) Prune the services list to reduce OS memory footprint. A guide for Windows XP, Vista, andWindows 7. Takes about 10 minutes max. Also disable any software that you don’t need at boottime by removing it from the startup tab in msconfig.

Simple tips on saving battery life:

  • Reduce display brightness
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you are not using it.
  • Use all the power management features available in Windows, the Power Options in Control Panel lets you configure when to dim and turn off display, put the netbook to sleep. Advanced settings lets you drill down to a component level.
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